in·spi·ra·tion / ˌinspəˈrāSH(ə)n/

the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

To be inspired by someone or something is so important. It is more important to reference where all the creative ideas come from. 

FASHION in all its glory: to The Designers, Photographers, Stylists & Models, PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE. Being able to be enlightened by beauty at a very early age sharpened my eye. The way that designers showcased their work. The MAJOR KARL LAGERFELD and The infamous JOHN GALLIANO are my main mentors. MODELS: The way they move down the catwalks giving life and attitude to a garment is complete wearable fashion. PHOTOGRAPHERS: The way that a photographer freezes a fashion image in time gives me chills. The emotion and feeling of how beauty can influence everything. STYLIST: The way that a stylist can pull a collection together so it has a direction and sense of cohesiveness is BEYOND MAJOR. To be able to accessorize and show people how to wear and hold a bag or drop a coat so that your shoulder is exposed is pure inspiration. 

COUTURE is really what inspires me. The realization of a collection and the credit to the people who do the actual work is amazing. It could take months and sometimes years to complete. Complete detail and HIGH VOLUME GLAMOUR.   

The world is my office and I'm influenced by all the beauty that surrounds me. FASHION, FASHION, FASH-ON!

cre·a·tion / krēˈāSH(ə)n/

the action or process of bringing something into existence.


Catherine Brule



"Talented, resourceful, creative, impeccable taste and attention to detail-highly recommend Dior for fashion and creative photoshoot"  

Maya Meir



"John is a truly gifted designer!!! He helped me re-organize my entire home and find functional storage ideas within my budget. He successfully created a cohesive look that represents my taste and style :) He is very creative, enthusiastic and energetic. He is not only talented, but also a pleasure to work with and very fun! I am pleased with the results and would HIGHLY recommend his services!"

Mark Meir



"I only have great things to say about John. He completely transformed my New York City bachelor pad and even helped style my wardrobe! I am always busy in meetings and was hoping he could take the reigns with this apartment make-over...He did a fabulous job and it was a complete stress free experience for me...He really exceeded ALL my expectations!! What a beautiful transformation. I can't wait to invite the boys for poker night and impress them all!"

Marina V. Kolpakova



"We wanted to open a luxury barbershop on Lakeshore but knew we needed someone with a vision outside the box. We brought Jc to Toronto and he was helping us bring the vision to life for two months. He directed the construction, and everything to do with the image of the studio while it was built. Some of his ideas sounded crazy but we decided to just trust him 100% and we are sooo glad we did. He is an absolute genius in what he does. He is the most hard working and reliable person we have ever worked with. It is a fact that our studio would not be where it is today if it wasn't for Jc".